Privacy Policies

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School Alumni Information Site (“OLPHAIS”)


This privacy statement applies to the Web server known as the Our Lady of Perpetual Help School Alumni Information Site (“OLPHAIS”) at GoDaddy.com with a home page URL http://www.olphreunion.org.  This statement does not apply to any other Web servers linked within the OLPHAIS at this or any other site.


If you send us e-mail using the feedback form on the OLPHAIS, we may share your name and e-mail address, also known as “directory information,” on the Class Rosters of the OLPHMAIS.  Any other information may be saved for reference purposes but not released to the general public without your permission.


The OLPHAIS uses individual and class photographs obtained from alumni and the general public.  If you do not want your photograph published on the OLPHAIS, please contact the Webmaster.  Your individual photograph will be removed, or in the case of a group photograph your face will be concealed upon request.


Server Logs.

We keep typical Web server logs for the OLPHAIS that include:

  • URL from which request received.
  • Date and time stamp.
  • URL requested.
  • Browser used.
  • Remote name.

In the case of search forms, our logs do not include the search string that was entered.


A Web cookie is text information that a Web server can instruct your browser to write to your browser’s cookie file.  Many Web sites use cookies to track usage patterns on their Web site on a page by page basis.  The cookie is anonymous unless you give Remote Web site personal information that may be associated with a cookie.  At this time none of OLPHAIS pages use cookies.  If you wish to control cookies you need to use a browser (such as current versions of Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer) that allows you to control cookie requests received by your browser (always accept, accept on approval, always deny).


Some pages use HTML forms, ranging from very simple e-mail forms to search forms.  Use if any information entered on a form is determined by the information owner of the particular forms page.  Some forms are inherently anonymous, while the whole point of others is to enter information about yourself.  All data collected is secured at the highest level of security available to the Web server.

Our primary form for gathering personal data is our Feedback form where persons who wish to add or maintain their personal information are asked for their name, married surname, year graduated, address, city, state, ZIP, e-mail, telephone, and FAX.  Other than the e-mail address, this data is only used by the information owner.  You may request that your name and/or e-mail address be kept confidential.

The remaining Search form is generic in nature and does not require any personal data to be collected.  If you have questions or doubts you should direct them to the Webmaster through the “Register” link with a message stating your concern.

More Information.

For more information on privacy issues in general, an excellent starting point is with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.  In particular see their own FTC Website privacy policy, their information on privacy initiatives, and their special page on Children’s Privacy. Another general resource is the Electronic Privacy Information Center. For questions specific to the management of the OLPHAIS, send e-mail to the “Contact” link..